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Recommended Reading - Wet Tropics Wildlife 


Most recommended books are still in print. A small number are out of print although they can still be purchased online. Check online be searching the title and author/s. Try your local bookshop, www. ,,, or I personally recommend Andrew Isle Naturtal History Books for Australia's largest range of natural history books at



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    Rainforest Animals
Rare, Threatened & Significant Wildlife
Martin Cohen & Julia Cooper

Rainforest Animals introduces you to Australia’s magnificent and ancient tropical rainforests – recognised as one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth.


The history and importance of Australia’s tropical rainforest, as well as the huge plant and animal diversity, is outlined in the introduction.


Rainforest Animals also provides some basic ecological information about many of the secretive animals that inhabit this world such as the Southern Cassowary, the Musky Rat Kangaroo, Tree Kangaroos and Tiger Quolls.


Many of the animals featured in the book are rare or threatened or are considered significant to Australia’s tropical rainforests. Source: Publisher

Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland
Queensland Museum
This full colour, identification guide covers the area east of the Great Dividing Range between Cooktown and Mackay.
It is the first comprehensive publication on the animals of Tropical North Queensland.
Easy-to-read information on more than 850 species and 950 colour photographs make it an essential handbook for residents and visitors alike. Source: Publisher
101 Animals of the Wet Tropics
Martin Cohen & Julia Cooper

The book is an easy-to-read field guide to ‘101 Animals of the Wet Tropics’. It is designed to showcase wildlife that visitors or locals are likely to encounter while wandering around the north.


This field guide is essential reading for those who visit the region or want to learn more about what lives on their doorstep.


101 Animals of the Wet Tropics has been wholly created, photographed, written and printed in North Queensland: we feel it is important to support local jobs wherever possible.

Source: Publisher

Eternal Endemism: The Wet Tropics

Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australia's

Wet Tropics


Graig Ward with Tim Hawkes



The eternal endemism© series of books are not intended as field guides nor are they destined for life on a coffee table. 


These books are companions for the reader, intended to induce excitement for these unique animals found only within one region on earth and to introduce the reader to the peoples and unique locations within some of the world’s megadiverse countries.


The wildlife books are accurate up to date and comprehensive photographic compilations of extant vertebrates in incredibly biodiverse regions, such as Australia’s Wet Tropics and The Kimberley.


Eternal Endemism The Wet Tropics:  Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australias Wet Tropics is the first of the Northern Australia series, with its sister publication Eternal Endemism The Kimberley:  Endemic Terrestrial Vertebrates of Australias Kimberley Region coming in early 2016.


These and other upcoming publications serve as a celebration of the species and peoples of these magnificent areas, the photographers and biologists who work there and a call to arms for conservation. (Source Publisher)

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