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Recommending Reading - Reptiles


Most recommended books are still in print. A small number are out of print although they can still be purchased online. Check online using title and authors. Try your local bookshop!



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Complete Guide to
Repiltes of Australia
4th Edition
     Steve Wilson & Gerry Swan

A Complete Guide to Reptiles of Australia features more than 940 species of reptiles named in Australia. The text and maps have been updated and newly described species are included. Species are grouped in families, for example Skinks, Dragons, Monitors, Blind Snakes and Pythons.


Species are illustrated with lively colour photographs showing them in their natural habitat. Each is accompanied by a distribution map; a description - with distinguishing features highlighted in bold text; notes on the species' range and preferred habitat; information on subspecies and similar species; and, wherever appropriate, conservation status.


Extra photographs show most recognized subspecies, as well as differences within species and between sexes. Photographs of significant reptile habitats are also included. This field guide features diagnostic illustrations, classification notes, selected reading and a thorough index. The book is designed to be a comprehensive yet compact and portable tool for reptile identification anywhere in Australia. Publisher

Reptiles and Amphibians

of Australia

7th Edition


Harold G Cogger

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia is a complete guide to Australia's rich and varied herpetofauna, including frogs, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, lizards and snakes.


For each of the 1194 species there is a description of its appearance, distribution and habits. Each species is accompanied by a distribution map and, in most cases, a colour photograph of the living animal.


The book includes 130 simple-to-use dichotomous keys that in most cases allow a specimen in hand to be identified. In addition, it has a comprehensive list of scientific references for those wishing to conduct more in-depth research, an extensive glossary, and basic guides to the collection, preservation and captive care of specimens.


This classic work, originally published in 1975, has been completely brought up to date. This seventh edition includes all species described prior to October 2013


A Field Guide to Reptiles
of Queensland
2nd edition
Steve Wilson
A field Guide to Reptiles of Queensland
A Field Guide to Reptiles of Queensland features 433 reptiles, the full complement of reptiles in Queensland. It includes dragons, geckos, legless lizards, skinks, goannas, snakes, crocodiles and freshwater and marine turtles.
There are keys at both the genus and species levels, information on treatment for snake bites, a brief discussion on Queensland’s biogeography, its reptiles and reasons why so many are endemic to this one State.
Author Steve Wilson is a remarkable wildlife photographer and all 433 species are shown here. Publisher
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