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Recommended Reading - Wet Tropics Geology 


Most recommended books are still in print. A small number are out of print although they can still be purchased online. Check online be searching the title and author/s. Try your local bookshop, ,,, or I personally recommend Andrew Isle Naturtal History Books for Australia's largest range of natural history books at



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Rocks, Landscapes and Resources of the Wet Tropics


Lottermoser, Bernd G., Whitehead, Peter W., Nelson, Paul N., and Beaman, Robin J. (2008)  Geological Society of Australia, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

This book brings to life the Wet Tropics of far north Queensland. It is the story of a region as complex and fascinating as none other. Details on the region's rocks, landforms and resources are written simply for those with a strong curiosity and love for nature.


Rocks, Landscapes and Resources of the Wet Tropics is an engrossing explanation of a very special part of our planet. Publisher

Rocks, Landscapes of the National Parks of North Queensland

Author: Warwick Wilmott

Ever wondered how the diverse scenery of North Queensland came about? This book explains how geology has controlled the landscapes in Nation Parks and other reserves from Townsville to Cape York.


It covers the rainforest mountains of the Wet Tropics, inland sandstone gorges, very young volcanoes and lava flows, and the remoteness of Cape York Peninsula. it also suggests places where you can see the rocks along roads and walking tracks.

Warwick Willmott is a geologist who has worked with the Geological Survey of Queensland in a variety of fields, and now likes to bring geology alive for the public. Publisher



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